In the event of an accident

How do I get in touch with ACCIONA in the event of an accident?

Your safety is paramount for us, which is why you should call us directly for help. Our Customer Hotline is available at the toll free number +34 900 866 002 (Spain), +39 800 828 451 (Italy)

What must I do in the event of an accident?

You must fill out the accident report form found in the trunk along with the motorbike documentation.

Remember to send the accident claim form duly completed within 48 hours to and to notify our Customer Service Department.

Don’t worry about the motorbike, we will go and collect it.

What is the motorbike insurance policy number?

Call the customer hotline indicating the motorbike ID or registration and they will help you with the procedure.

What is the cover offered by the insurance?

Both the rider and the passenger are covered by our insurance. Only the authorised user can benefit from vehicle damage cover.

In the event the motorbike is damaged while being used by the user, or the user himself should cause the damage, the user will be liable up to an excess of €800.

The insurance will not cover damage or theft of the personal effects kept in the motorbike.


What do I do if there is no accident report form in the motorbike?

We make sure there is always an accident report form in the motorbikes. However, if you don’t find it please contact the Customer Service Department via the hotline +34 900 866 002 (Spain), +39 800 828 451 (Italy).

Can someone help me in the event of an accident?

Yes, when you get in touch with Customer Service they will guide you and send someone to the scene of the accident.

What do I do if the motorbike has been damaged?

Use the toll free Customer Service hotline +34 900 866 002 (Spain), +39 800 828 451 (Italy) and a worker will go to the scene of the accident to remove the motorbike.

What is my liability if I am to blame for the accident?

In the event of damage caused to the motorbike, the user’s liability covers beyond the excess of €800, provided the motorbike has been used in accordance with the contract and the damage has been reported with no unjustified delay. The amount of the excess shall not be applied if the user causes mechanical damage due to poor driving, gross or wilful negligence.