Your summer love
is coming to
El Puerto de Santa María!

This summer, choose sustainable mobility and forget about parking problems, while caring for the air in Gandía.

Start moving around sustainably!


  • 1.
    Download the ACCIONA Mobility App.
  • 2.
    Book your motorbike: Locate the closest one on the map and press to book it or check its status.
  • 3.
    Move freely between your plans, pausing the motorbike as often as you want.
  • 4.
    When you have finished, leave your motorbike well parked in one of the designated areas indicated on the App.


We have different designated areas where you can pick up or leave your motorbike. Check them out and enjoy your trip!


How much does it cost?

You will pay according to the minutes you use your motorbike.

Look for our vouchers on the App and pay less for your minutes.


How much
will you save?

Thanks to your trips and those of others like you,
together we will save the planet
tons of CO2.

Your best summer starts here
Download the App

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