Electric mobility
has arrived in

This summer, choose sustainable mobility and forget about parking problems, while caring for the air in Sotogrande.



  • 1.
    Download the ACCIONA Mobility App.
  • 2.
    Book your motorbike by the minute, hour or whole day.
  • 3.
    Move freely between your plans, pausing the motorbike as often as you want.
  • 4.
    When you have finished, leave your motorbike well parked in one of the designated areas indicated on the App.


We have different designated areas where you can pick up or leave your motorbike. Check them out and enjoy your trip!


How much does it cost?

Thanks to our tiered pricing, the more you use your motorbike, the better the price.

Let us explain:

Our rate per minute will be applied to your trip every hour until you reach the established maximum during the first hour, additional hours and maximum per whole day. That way you can use our motorbikes as long as you want with any driving mode.

When you finish your trip you will be charged the cheapest rate.

That way, the lowest price is always guaranteed.


How much
will you save?

Thanks to your trips and those of others like you,
together we will save the planet
tons of CO2.

Your best summer starts here
download the app

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