Use of the motorcycles

When can I use the motorcycles?

Our motorbikes are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. 

How can I locate the motorcycles?

You can see available motorbikes on the map included in the ACCIONA Mobility map.

How do I book a motorbike? How much booking time do I have?

Once you have located the closest motorbike, click on it and press “Book”; you will have 15 minutes to begin your trip. If you haven’t begun to use the service within 15 minutes, the booking will be cancelled.

How do I start the engine?

Press the button “MODE” on the handlebar for 1 second and the word ready will be displayed, indicating you can begin your trip.



Where can I ride the motorbikes?

You can ride our motorbikes on all streets and roads and take a break wherever you wish, but you must always end your trip in the designated area.

What helmet must I use?

In the motorbike trunk you will find two different sized helmets, one for you and one for your passenger, as well as hairnets and wet wipes, although, if you prefer, you can use your own helmet. Remember that you must wear a helmet throughout your trip.

How do I open the trunk?

You can open the trunk once the motorbike has been started by pressing the option “Open trunk” on the app. Remember that the mobile phone is your key, so you must not leave it in the trunk during the trip. In the trunks that have a red button, you must press the button to open it.


Can I carry passengers?

Yes, you can carry one passenger, but bear in mind that only children over 12 can be passengers. There is an exception to this rule, which allows children over seven and under twelve to be passengers when the rider is the father, mother, guardian or authorised adult. 

Can another person use the motorbike under my user name?

No, you are the only person authorised to use the motorbike under your user name. In the event another person starts a trip on your account, the appropriate penalty set out in our “Terms & Conditions of Use” shall apply.

Am I covered by insurance?

Yes, the insurance covers both the rider and the passenger.

What are the driving modes?

Our motorbikes allow you to choose between two driving modes so as to optimise your trip as much as possible. Press the red button “MODE” to select your choice; the S (Standard) mode limits speed to 50 km/h and is best used for moving around the city; the C (Custom) mode provides speeds of up to 80km/h and the X (Xtra) up to 100 km/h both for riding on highways.

You can change from one mode to another during your trip by pressing the same “MODE” button, which will display an “S”, "C" or a “X” on the motorcycle display panel. 


*Xtra mode available only in Madrid, Seville, Rome and Milano

Where can I park the motorbike?

You can park it in areas permitted by the parking ordinance and never in underground car parks.

Can I take breaks during my trip?

Yes, and in any area. To take a break, park the motorbike correctly and press the “Pause” button on the application; this will mean that your motorbike will stay booked until you decide to resume your trip. Remember that breaks cannot exceed 6 hours and that you must end your trip within the designated area

How do I end the trip?

When you have reached your destination, make sure that you have parked in a permitted place and within the designated area; failure to do so will mean the app will not allow you to end your trip.

  1. Use the central or the side stand.
  2. Stow away the helmets in the trunk and take your personal effects, if any.
  3. Access the application and end the trip.


What do I do if I detect a flaw or fault in the motorbike?

If you detect a fault or the motorbike is not working properly, please report this to our customer hotline on the toll free number +34 900 866 002 (Spain), +39 800 828 451 (Italy). You can also use the app to report an incident.

Can I ride in the event of traffic restrictions due to pollution levels?

Of course. Our motorbikes are electric and do not generate emissions. You can move freely around your city, enabling you to care for the environment in a clean and sustainable manner.

Can I ride in APR areas: Residential Priority Areas?

Yes, you can ride in these areas.

What happens if my mobile phone runs out of charge?

Make sure your mobile phone is charged in order to start and finish your trip. To prevent this from happening, we provide 2 USB ports located under the handlebar on the right, next to the red LED, but you must bring a cable.

Should you run out of charge, you must call the customer hotline to find out what to do next.