Terms and conditions for pricing policy

ANNEX 1:  Pricing Policy

  1. a) Rates

The rates may be specific for each municipality; the applicable rates are those determined for each municipality in which the use takes place.

MADRID: From July 6 2022


General rates

In general

There are two driving modes, according to the following table, which the User may choose by pressing the “Mode” button on the Motorbike.  Depending on the mode chosen, a different rate per minute will be applied



Mode S

€ 0.31 per minute

Mode C

€0.36 per minute

Mode X

€0.39 per minute


€0.15 per minute

The “Pause” mode will be limited to six consecutive hours.  In the event that the pause should last longer than 6 hours and the trip must be cancelled outside of the Service Area, this will be considered abandonment of the Motorbike.